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steinfix® forte is a exceptionally durable edge completion.

Exceptionally durable
steinfix edge profile forte icon very strong loadable
Strong hold for traffic areas
steinfix edge profile forte icon for cars and vehicles
Moldable material
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steinfix® forte securely fastens stone coverings for driveways without the need for concrete. The broad, welded-on mesh firmly lodges itself in the grit due to the stones’ weight placed on it, ensuring the edge profile and the covering remain stable.

The strengthened web remains intact even under heavy loads of up to 3.5 tons. This allows the covering to be immediately used and keeps interlocking stones securely in place, even when subjected to increased pressure.

steinfix forte application assembly

Technical specifications

Item no.: 60 61 84
  • Bar height: 50 mm
  • Laterally reinforced web
  • Net and profile slotted for bending
  • Length: 2.0 m
  • Bundle: 12 m
  • Colour: grey
  • Rods made from 100% recycled hard PVC
  • Welded-on net width: 50 cm
  • Loadable < 3.5 t

Using steinfix®, the landscaper can complete tasks efficiently without the need for concrete.

  1. Begin by preparing a bed of grit or sand.
  2. Mold and place the steinfix® profile in the desired location.
  3. Lay the stone slabs directly onto the mesh.
  4. Once the stone slabs are in position on the mesh, the profile becomes firmly fixed and stable.
  5. Finish by applying sand grout and smoothing the pavement right up to the edge.
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