Pavement finish without concrete

steinfix® offers a range of solutions designed to simplify the installation process, catering to different coverings, thicknesses and applications.


steinfix no concrete
Securing slabs and stones without concrete.

Quick and permanent installation.

steinfix application
Ready for immediate use.


steinfix green grass edge
Lawn borders with a green touch.

Allowing the surface to be permeable.

Smart and easy work-flow, saves money and energy.

steinfix judge profile application

steinfix® edge profiles save time and money when paving and laying stones and slabs. The edges no longer have to be laboriously concreted on. The permanent fixing by steinfix® can be carried out regardless of the concrete mix and in any weather.

steinfix® products

steinfix® STRAIGHT

Very fast edge profile without concreting.

Designed to be secured by nails.

steinfix straight edge profile application

steinfix® ROUND

Mouldable edge profile without concreting.

Designed to be secured by nails. 

steinfix round profile application

steinfix® NET

Edge profile designed to be secured by nails. 

steinfix net application


Exceptionally robust edge finishing for heavier loads.

steinfix straight forte edge profile application

disto® Spacer profile for facade connection

Guarantees a neat and discreet gap between building and tiles.

steinfix disto profile application

joint profile

Used to seal the gaps in ceramic or natural stone tiles.

steinfix judge profile application

Sustainable production

steinfix® is crafted entirely from PVC material that has been sourced from 100 % recycled materials.

85% of the processed quantity is recycled material.

Our recycled material is entirely free from plasticisers, with a 0% presence.

Three hundred tons of recycled material is sourced from Switzerland.

For every kilogram of recycled PVC, we save 2 kilograms of CO2 emissions, according to VinylPlus®: 2019 Achievements. This translates to an annual saving of 3,200 tons of CO2.

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